Our Foundation

Free For Foundation  

Our Mission

Free For All Foundation's mission is to ensure that children who face barriers to becoming contributing adult citizens are given opportunities to get and keep their life on track with the end goal of graduating high school and becoming a productive member of society.

We do this by providing programs for youth, within the means of all parents, to develop their academic, social, entrepreneurial and life skills. Our commitment is to inspire and promote a healthy lifestyle through diverse, quality recreation opportunities and provide services to enrich the mind, body, and spirit while enhancing lifelong learning.

Free For All Foundation's mission is, in short, to make productive citizens of children who are at risk of not realizing their full potential.


Our Vision

Free for All Foundation's vision is of communities where children who are at risk of losing their way to a productive adulthood can easily find and participate in programs designed to keep them on track. No child will be turned away from our programs or support. If we cannot provide adequate support we will help facilitate appropriate supports for each child who seeks our direction.


Our Values

We believe that every child, regardless of circumstances, has the right to the assistance of others in building a life that includes academic and social support to complete school, skill development to perform meaningful work, and encouragement to reach for their dreams and the ability to earn the respect of others.


We provides the following: 

Leadership development, Crime prevention, scholarships, After school programs, sport and recreation programs. Summer camps and program for our seniors to network and stay active 

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