On Sunday, April 26, 1993 Bishop Dr. David Green along with a few faithful believers founded Free For All Outreach Ministry. The vision at the time was to pray for a community that was experiencing a rash of serious criminal activities.

As God would have it, the prayer group evolved into a church. There were a total of six adults and five children in attendance at the first service held in the community centre of 160 Chalkfarm Drive in Toronto. Over time, the church enjoyed prolific growth, both numerically and spiritually, as God's anointing was evident in each service.

After much prayer and fasting, the need for a permanent home for the growing congregation was established, at 101 Westmore Drive. On Sunday, February 9, 2009 Free For All Outreach Ministry opened the doors to a 1,900 sq ft. sanctuary and complementary ministry facilities. The first service was the dedication of the building which was truly a time of thanksgiving, dedication and celebration. As the church always had a strong desire to assist and nurture young people, a separate entity was formed to attract and train as many youth as possible. As a result, the Free For All Foundation was launched with the mandate to help young people and their families, particularly those at risk, realizing their full potential. To this end, a facility was opened in Brampton.

Today, Free For All Outreach Ministry is affiliated or has partnered with various ministries in the United States and the Caribbean. Future plans will include aligning with other ministries of the same faith to have an even greater impact across the nation.

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