FFAOM mission  

We inspire, people to know, love God and others.  I believe we can inspire people to achieve and go higher in the Kingdom of God. To accomplish this we must work together through the power of prayer, faith, hope and giving. So it is with a grateful heart that I ask you to listen for the voice of God and consider partnering with me through the generosity of sowing a seed into our ministry.


When you partner with Free For All Outreach Ministries, you are providing support for outreach programs, including:

  • Reaching as many people as passable with the word of God
  • Purchase a building to be a Community Hub for marginalized youth and families 
  • Distributing backpacks and school supplies to the most economically challenged students, there families 
  • Partnering with companies to help support two medical clinic in Portland and St. Thomas in Jamaica 

How you can help

  • Give a one-time donation TODAY of any amount
  • Become a Ministry Partner – Donate NOW and Commit to continue to give monthly, quarterly or annually
  • If interested in becoming involve with our foundation: send us an email

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