Annette Morgan

Annette Morgan - President 

Evangelist Annette Morgan holds a Bachelor Degree in communication. Retire after 35 years with Bell Canada. Annette is the President of Free For All Outreach Ministry. 

During her at years at Bell Canada she was a Union Steward for the last 15 years. Annette is a dedicated and hard working mother who has proven herself a significant role model for church, community and parents within the community. Not only does she make herself available for the many events that arise, she spends countless hours volunteering and making contributions to programs that support students who are at risk. Annette also serve as the lady's president and director of planning for the ministry.

In addition:

Evangelist Morgan is also actively involved beyond the walls of her church. She is currently the Treasurer of the Free For All Foundation. A volunteer for the sick kids hospital and strong voice on women issues.


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